Directory of Church Servants

September 2017-2018

“I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase. So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase. Now he that planteth and he that watereth are one: and every man shall receive his own reward according to his own labour.” (I Corinthians 3:6-8)




Jim Delany


Paul Boutrus, Jim Delany, Steve Routhier, Scott Wuthrich


Tim Bond, Dennis Higgins, Tim Towle


Steve Routhier

Vice Moderator

Jim Delany


Dennis Higgins

Church Secretary 

Steve Moser


Carleton Roberts


To be filled

Sunday School Director

Mike Gallo

Sunday School Teachers:  Adult Class (Teaching on a rotating basis)

Jim Delany, Tim Towle, Ray Toomey, Scott Wuthrich

Sunday School Teachers: Grades K4-4

Suzanne Burns, Sarah Delany, Laurie Hipke, Julie Roberts

Sunday School Teachers: Grades 5-6 (Teaching on a rotating basis)

Mike Naylor, Paul Boutrus

Sunday School Teachers: Grades 7-12 (Teaching on a rotating basis)

Steve Routhier, Jeff Jahnke

Ladies’ Bible Study Teachers (Teaching on a rotating basis)

Sarah Delany, Ruth Ann Wuthrich

Mothers’ Bible Study Teacher

Ruth Ann Wuthrich

Head Usher

Randy Sipkema


Paul Boutrus; Jay Hipke; John Lahan; Dave Lamond; Ken Lussier; Dan McGarry; Daniel Powell; Randy Sipkema

Cards & Flowers

Ruth Rudolph


Paul Boutrus

Choir Director

Jeffrey Velez

Music Ministry

Amal Boutrus; Madeline Butler; Maria Contarino; Jim Delany; Mike Gallo; Caryl Higgins; Dennis Higgins; Johanna Higgins; Jeff Jahnke; Nadine Lahan; Diane Lahaye; Katelyn Mitchell; Violette Morris; Maria Moser; Steve Routhier; Peter Stockbower; Malcolm Taylor; Amy Velez; Eileen Weaver; Bob White; Ruth Ann Wuthrich; Scott Wuthrich


Amal Boutrus, Abby Morris, Violette Morris, Maria Moser, Eileen Weaver

Nursery Director

Johanna Higgins

Nursery Workers

Cindy Bond; Sarah Bond; Suzanne Burns; Anne Marie Currier; Sarah Delany; Lori Gallo; Caryl Higgins; Kimberly Hipke; Laurie Hipke; Marie Jahnke; Nadine Lahan; Dianne Lahaye; Maureen McGarry; Katelyn Mitchell; Abby Morris; Tracey Morris; Maria Moser; Elizabeth Powell; Ann Richie; Julie Roberts; Sheila Stockbower; Lu White; Ruth Ann Wuthrich

Cleanup Director

Ken Lussier

Cleanup Workers

Paul & Amal Boutrus; Pastor & Sarah Delany; Jay & Laurie Hipke; Jeff Jahnke; Ken Lussier; Dan & Maureen McGarry; Steve & Maria Moser; Mike Naylor; Randy Sipkema; Peter Stockbower; Jeffrey & Amy Velez; Scott & Ruth Ann Wuthrich

Sound Technicians

Mike Naylor (director); Paul Boutrus; Jared Hipke; Ken Palmer

website & CDs

James Richie

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