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Prayer Meeting

Wednesday at 7:00 p.m.

“The beginning of anxiety is the end of faith, and the beginning of true faith is the end of anxiety.”

“Faith does not operate in the realm of the possible. There is no glory for God in that which is humanly possible. Faith begins where man’s power ends.”

— George Mueller

Nelsons’ Bible Study: Friday, August 24th @ 7:00

Methuen Village Ministry: Monday, August 27th @ 3:00

In Service to Our Country: Please remember in prayer, Jared H. and Kevin W. and Peter M.

Round-Robin Conference Schedule

This fall we are planning another Round-Robin Conference. Four pastors will be teaching through the Book of II Timothy. Each of the pastors will cover the main message on one of the chapters during the Sunday School hour and the morning service. 

August 19th

Our guest speaker will be: Pastor Steve Willett (Lakes Region Bible Church)

He will be covering: II Timothy chapter 2

August 26th

Our speaker will be: Pastor Jim Delany

He will be covering: II Timothy chapter 4

September 2nd

Our guest speaker will be: Pastor John Peront (Crossroads Bible Church)

He will be covering: II Timothy chapter 3

September 9th

Our guest speaker will be: Pastor Bob Rathbun (Fifth Street Baptist Church)

He will be covering: II Timothy chapter 1

Bible Training Ministry: Fall Semester — 2018; you may sign up at the back shelf.

I.  God’s Covenants with Israel

Pastor Jim Delany

Course Description: The course begins with a brief overview of the various types of covenants. The major covenants of the Old Testament will be considered in great detail: the Abrahamic Covenant, the Palestinian Covenant, the Davidic Covenant, and the New Covenant. Much time will be spent in both Testaments studying the unique nature of the Mosaic Covenant.

Class Schedule: The class meets at Salem Bible Church on Tuesday mornings from 8:00-10:00, beginning on September 4th until December 18th, 2018.

II. Old Testament Books of History

Pastor Bob Rathbun

Course Description: This course will cover the book of Joshua through the book of Esther. A careful study of God’s dealings with individuals and nations will be presented for consideration. Israel’s desire for a king and the dividing of the twelve tribes into two nations with its resulting consequences will be studied. We will see Jerusalem at her zenith and her fall to Babylon. Both good and bad examples will be considered. Messianic passages will be studied carefully.

Class Schedule: The class meets at Fifth Street Baptist Church beginning on Monday, September 10th and running through Monday, December 17th, 2018. Each class will be two hours long, from 7 to 9 p.m.


“Be watchful, and strengthen the 

things which remain that are ready to die”

Revelation 3:2

A one-day seminar will be held at

Salem Bible Church

11 Ermer Road, Salem, NH

(603) 898-4258

Saturday, November 3rd

The purpose of the conference is two-fold:

(I) To encourage pastors and churches in our region to hold fast to Dispensational theology (as opposed to Reformed theology)

(II) To encourage pastors and churches in our region to hold fast to Christ-honoring sacred music (as opposed to CCM)


George Zeller, Middletown Bible Church, Middletown, CT

Rob Congdon, Congdon Ministries, Greer, SC

Jim Delany, Salem Bible Church, Salem, NH

Kurt Woetzel, Heritage Baptist Church, Dover, NH

Conference Sessions

10:00-10:45 — Holding Fast to Dispensational Theology — George Zeller

11:00-11:45 — The New Calvinism and how to keep it out of the churches — Rob Congdon

12:00-1:00 — * Lunch & Fellowship Time *

1:00-1:15 — * Hymn-Sing *

1:15-2:00 — Holding Fast to the Gospel of the Grace of God and how extreme Calvinism adversely affects the message — Jim Delany

2:15-3:30 — The Sad Decline of Dispensational Theology and what we lose if it dies — George Zeller

3:30-4:15 — Holding Fast to Sacred Music and what we lose if it dies — Kurt Woetzel

Parking Spaces: Please save the parking spaces closest to the doors (front and back) for our senior saints and for those who have difficulty walking. Thank you!

Parking Lot: Parents, please don’t allow your children to run or play in the parking lot. We want to avoid an accident! Thanks.

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You are welcome to worship the Lord Jesus Christ with us on Sunday mornings, Sunday evenings, and Wednesday evenings at Prayer Meeting.

Sunday Morning Prayer Meeting: 8:45 AM
Sunday School (all ages, including adults): 9:15 AM
Sunday Morning Worship Service: 10:30 AM
Sunday Evening Worship Service: 6:00 PM
Wednesday Prayer Meeting and Bible Study: 7:00 PM

Nursery provided for young children.

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