Eternal Security – 01. The Salvation of God


    1. Regeneration
      1. Defined: the impartation of eternal life at the moment of saving faith.
      2. The life given is ETERNAL. (John 3:16; 10:28)
      3. Those regenerated will NEVER PERISH (John 10:28)
      4. Those regenerated will never come into CONDEMNATION (John 5:24)
    2. Propitiation 
      1. Defined: The infinite satisfaction of Divine justice based upon the all sufficiency of the  shed blood of Jesus Christ.
      2. I John 2:2 – The present tense indicates that Christ CONTINUALLY is the propitiation for our sins.
      3. His shed blood has eternally satisfied the Father with respect to judgment on the believer.
    3. Redemption
      1. Defined: The work of God through the blood of Christ whereby He paid as a ransom the price of human sin, and delivered the believing sinner from the penalty and power of sin.
      2. Heb. 9:12 – an eternal redemption
      3. Eph. 1:13-14 – a promise of future glorification.
    4. Justification
      1. Defined: To declare righteous
      2. Rom. 8:29-30 – the promise of future glorification
      3. Rom. 5:9 – saved from any future wrath.
    5. Reconciliation
      1. Defined: The work of God through the death of Christ, whereby He provided for the changing of man from the state of enmity to friendship and fellowship.
      2. Rom. 5:10 – those reconciled have the promise: we SHALL be saved.
      3. Col. 1:21-22 – those reconciled have the promise of being presented holy and unblamable before God.
    6. Sanctification (Positional)
      1. Defined: the once for all setting apart of the believer FROM his former position in Adam, his sin and condemnation and TO his new position in Christ and in His righteousness.
      2. Heb. 10:10 – The believer has been sanctified once and for all. It never needs to be repeated.
      3. Heb. 10:14 – those sanctified have been perfected forever.
        • Every aspect of salvation is clearly revealed to be forever… eternal… secure.