Eternal Security – 001. Intro

INTRODUCTION: An Important Distinction: Security vs. Assurance

  1. Eternal Security Defined: The everlasting and unchanging position of every true believer in Christ, due to the power and faithfulness of God, whether realized by the saint or not.
    • John 10:28
  2. Assurance of Salvation Defined: An experiential confidence that one is genuinely and eternally saved.
    • I John 5:13 – we can and should KNOW.
    • This knowledge is not presumption, but FAITH.
  3. Every true believer in Christ is eternally secure, although NOT every true believer experiences the assurance of that salvation. Because of ignorance, many believers (who ARE eternally secure) do not know it, do not believe it, and thus cannot experience the rest of soul this doctrine was intended to bring.
  4. Prerequisite for assurance of salvation: a biblical understanding of God’s character, God’s promises and the nature of salvation.
  5. Examples of believers who were “sure” they were going to heaven:
    • Daniel (Dan. 12:13)
    • Paul  (II Tim. 1:12; 4:6-8)
    • David (II Sam. 12:23)
  6. Hindrances to assurance of salvation:
    • A lack of knowledge of the Scriptures
    • Sin: defeat, unconfessed sin, repeated failures
    • Trusting exclusively in our own works for assurance
    • Trusting in our feelings for assurance
    • Dwelling on our condition rather than our position
    • Can you think of some others?