Eternal Security – 09. The Ministries of God the Spirit


    1. Regeneration 
      1. Regeneration: the impartation of eternal life.  (John 3:3,5,16)
      2. The life God gives is eternal.
    2. Indwelling 
      1. Indwelling Defined: The Holy Spirit’s permanent residence (abode; dwelling) in the body of every believer of this age until the day of redemption. (John 14:17)
      2. Its permanence:
        1. I Cor. 6:19 – if the carnal Corinthians did not lose their salvation or the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit. Even sinning Christians are indwelt by the Spirit. The FACT of indwelling was the BASIS for the exhortation to a godly life.
        2. II Cor. 5:5 – the presence of the Spirit is a “gift” of grace. Hence, if it is of grace, it is sure. It is not merited by good works. It is not lost by bad works.
        3. Rom. 8:9 – if a man is not indwelt, then he is not saved. Hence, we are indwelt by the Spirit every moment of our salvation. The presence of the Spirit is proof of salvation.
        4. John 14:16 – He will abide with us forever.
    3. Sealing
      1. Defined: The indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit IS the seal.
      2. The concept of a seal in the Bible and its implications
        1. A seal speaks of a finished transaction  (Jer. 32:9-10)
        2. A seal speaks of ownership.  (Jer. 32:10-11)
        3. A seal speaks of security.  (Esther 8:8; Dan. 6:17)
        4. A seal speak of reaching a final destiny (registered mail)
      3. Eph. 4:30
        1. Even sinning believers whose lives grieve the Spirit are “sealed.”  (Not just spiritual believers)
        2. The seal lasts “until the day of redemption.” (The day when Christ returns to take us home forever.)
      4. Eph. 1:13-14 – the Spirit’s seal is our security
        1. Earnest: a down payment; a deposit; a guarantee that the transaction WILL be completed one day.
        2. Redemption of the purchased possession
          • The purchased possession: our body
          • Redemption of our body: will occur at the Rapture
          • We are sealed and secure UNTIL Christ takes us home
          • Our inheritance in heavenis secure.
          • Our eternal destinyis sealed and secure.
          • The sealing ministry of the Holy Spirit is God’s personal guarantee.