Eternal Security – 04. The Faithfulness of God


  1. God Cannot Lie
    1. Num. 23:19 – God cannot lie.
    2. Heb. 6:17-18 – God’s unilateral promises rest upon HIM and Him alone for fulfillment.
  2. God Will Not Repent
    1. Num. 23:19 – God does not change His mind.
    2. Rom. 11:29– the gifts (like salvation!) and calling (our heavenly calling too) are secure because with respect to giving gifts, God does not change His mind.  (Eph. 2:8-9; II Tim. 1:9)
  3. God Performs What He Promises (Rom. 4:21)

The next time you are discouraged and thinking about YOUR unfaithfulness to God, think of HIS faithfulness to His Word!  (II Tim.2:13)