Eternal Security – 05. The Power of God


  1. Kept By the Power of God (I Pet. 1:5)
    1. What is OUR responsibility? To believe!
    2. What is GOD’S responsibility? To keep! Just believe and leave the keeping to Him! 

    Cat & monkey believers: In a region of the Amazon, the natives divided believers up into two groups: cat & monkey.  The “cat” believers view of salvation viewed their safety as a cat carries her kittens. Their safety depended upon her grip on them. The monkey group believed they could lose their salvation. They saw their security in their ability to hold on to their mother – like a baby monkey holding on to its mother’s back!  (author unknown)

  2. No One Can Pluck Us From His Hands (John 10:29)
    1. Who could over power Christ or the Father? No one!
    2. He never casts us OUT of His hands or care either. (John 6:37)
  3. He Is Able to Keep That Which I Have Committed Unto Him (II Tim. 1:12)
    1. What did Paul commit to the Lord? (His own eternal destiny!)
    2. Of what is Paul persuaded? That God is ABLE to keep. 
    3. For how long of a period of time does God “keep” in this passage?  Until that day… of His coming. (Cf. II Tim.4:18 – Paul was assured of being in the future Kingdom!)
  4. He Is Able to Save to the Uttermost (Heb. 7:25)
    • Uttermost is translated “unto the end” in John 13:1.
  5. He Is Able to Keep Us From Falling (Jude 24)

The believer is kept by the infinite power of God! Our salvation rests NOT upon our feeble ability to “hold on” to God. Our salvation rests upon God’s ability to “hold on” to us. He is able!