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Good Bible Study Tools

1. Bible dictionaries (Vines; Zodhiates; Word Study of the NT & OT)

2. Bible encyclopedias (Ungers; International Student Bible Encyclopedia)

3. Strong’s Concordance

4. Englishman’s Concordance

5. Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

6. Naves Topical Bible / New Topical Textbook

7. Greek and Hebrew word study books
a. The NT is written in Greek so you need a Greek NT dictionary.
• Vines (Thomas Nelson Publishers)
• Zodhiates (Word Publishers)
• The Word Study NT (and concordance – Tyndale)
• Theological Dictionary of the NT (Kittle) (Erdmans)

b. The OT is written primarily in Hebrew so you might want to get a Hebrew OT dictionary.
• Theological Wordbook of the OT (Moody Press)
• Gesenius (Baker Book House)

8. Commentaries (on the whole Bible)
a. Bible Knowledge Commentary (Walvoord and Zuck – Victor Books)
b. Believer’s Bible Commentary (Wm. McDonald – Thomas Nelson Publishers)
c. Word Studies in the Greek New Testament (Kenneth Wuest – Erdmans)
d. Harry Ironside series (commentaries on individual books of the Bible)

9. Bible software: There are a good number of FREE or nearly free software packages available:
• E-sword
• Bible Explorer
• Online Bible
• Power Bible ($20.00 for two copies)
• Logos is perhaps the best… but it is relatively expensive.
» They start at $150.00 and goes up to $1500.00.
» You can add on books, commentaries, later piecemeal.

10. Internet websites: (The following web sites have much good information, but we cannot endorse everything on these sites. Read with discernment.)
e. Biblical Discernment Ministries

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