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Wedding Policy

Salem Bible Church

1. The Pastor will officiate only for those who are born again, regular attendees in good standing in a sound, fundamental, Bible believing church. Both parties must be in agreement with the doctrine and practice of Salem Bible Church. One party must be a member or regular attendee of Salem Bible Church. Exceptions will be made on rare occasions for missionaries and other unique situations.

2. The couple must attend all required premarital classes and complete assignments. This requires registering for premarital classes at least six months before the date of the proposed wedding. Approval for a church wedding is contingent upon satisfactory completion of premarital classes.

3. All music for the occasion (wedding and reception) must be cleared with the choir director and/or board of elders at least one month prior to the ceremony. Since music is a spiritual offering unto the Lord, only born again believers with a testimony for Christ are to participate in the music portion of the wedding.

4. Anyone desiring use of the church facilities for a wedding and/or reception needs to receive approval from the board of deacons well in advance. It is the responsibility of the wedding party to arrange to have a deacon (or deacon representative) present during the wedding to unlock doors, close up, etc. It is not the responsibility of the deacons to clean the building before or after for the wedding.

5. After the wedding and/or reception, it is the responsibility of the bride and groom to arrange to have the building cleaned and set in order for the upcoming regular church services.

6. Dancing is not permitted at the reception, whether the reception is held on the church facilities or not.

7. There will be a required practice for all wedding party members and ushers prior to the ceremony.

8. Any rearranging of the church furniture requires prior permission from the board of deacons, and must be replaced to its original order following the ceremony.

9. It is expected that the attire of all in the wedding party demonstrates good taste, unquestionable modesty, and brings honor to the Lord Jesus Christ.

10. No alcoholic beverages are to be used in wedding reception (including the toast), whether the reception is held on church facilities or not.

11. No use of rice or confetti in or outside of the church building.

12. No smoking is permitted on church property.

13. It is the responsibility of the bride and groom to make church policy known to all guests, if it is seen as a potential problem. This should be done in a gracious spirit. (ex: smoking; dancing; drinking; confetti; etc.)

14. Pictures and/or videos may be taken during ceremony, but the photographer must be as inconspicuous as possible in order not to detract from the dignity of the occasion.

15. There should be no immodest or undignified practices, such as throwing the garter, etc.

16. There is no charge or fee for the use the church building. However, remuneration is expected for the services of the following: the deacon asked to open and close building; kitchen or janitorial services; and musicians (vocalists or instrumentalists).

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