Proverbs 2:6-9

Wisdom Is Available


1. The author is back to the father/son format.

2. In vs. 1-5, Solomon gives 6 prerequisites for obtaining wisdom.

3. He explains HOW to obtain the knowledge of God.
• If… then condition. (vs. 4a-5a)
• NONE of it had to do with intelligence or brainpower. It was entirely a matter of the heart.
• The simplest young man or woman can become wise IF they obey God and follow these simple instructions.
• The knowledge of God and divine wisdom is a matter of diligence and is a matter of the heart.
• All those who claim, “Oh, it is too hard for me to understand! I haven’t been gifted with the brain power to grasp all this wisdom!” = is a royal cop out!

4. In this next section, Solomon states that wisdom really IS available… for those who follow God’s commands.


1. FOR – this word connects this section with the previous section.

a. Vs.1-5 stated briefly that IF one has a willing heart to receive God’s wisdom and IF they are diligent in applying this wisdom THEN they will understand the fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of God!

b. FOR God is not holding back wisdom from anyone!

c. God GIVES wisdom! Abundantly! As much as is needed!

d. As a gift! Freely!

2. This phrase implies first of all, that knowledge and wisdom is found in God! He is the Source of it all.

a. There are a lot of other sources which claim to have wisdom… (science falsely so called; philosophy; religion; even the man on the street makes such claims…)

b. But God is the Source of all true wisdom.

c. There is the wisdom of the world and the wisdom of God. (I Cor. 1:20-21)

d. There are many ungodly folks offering wisdom too… offering counsel… (Psalm 1:1-2) Blessed is the man who does NOT walk according to that ungodly counsel!

e. But if you want real wisdom—GOD is the only Source.

3. This phrase also is given as a MOTIVATION.

a. Solomon has just stated that much effort and diligence is required if we want the knowledge of God—the wisdom of God.

b. If a man is going to exert himself in an all out effort to obtain something, he needs to know that it IS obtainable!

c. Example – the Grand Canyon is a mile across. Jumping across is not possible. Nobody would put in an all out effort to train for jumping across the Grand Canyon! He knows that his goal is beyond his reach no matter HOW much effort he puts in.

d. However, in an athletic contest, athletes train hard and put in much diligence because they KNOW that their goals are possible!

e. So too in obtaining wisdom. It requires our ALL.

f. Solomon wants his son to know that the goal IS obtainable. God DOES give wisdom!

g. But again, it is all contingent upon the conditions—in vs.1-5.
• Receive my words—(a willing heart) (vs.1)
• Hide my commandments with thee (an obedient heart) [vs.1]
• Incline thine ear unto wisdom (a ready eager heart) [vs.2]
• Apply thine heart to understanding (an actively eager heart) [vs.2]
• Criest after knowledge, and liftest up thy voice for understanding (a hungry heart) [vs.3]
• Seekest her as silver, and searchest for her as for hid treasures (diligence)
• NONE of it is a matter of the head—all pertains to the heart.

h. Vs. 6 is geared toward the man who might feel intimidated by Bible STUDY… as if it were merely an intellectual pursuit.
• Solomon states clearly that wisdom is NOT a matter of the head.
• If you will put in the all out effort—and if you will open your heart, be willing, and ready to obey—THEN God will give it!
• And no other way!
• If we want a superficial kind of faith—half hearted effort—willing to obey only when we approve of God’s will—then we will receive NOTHING of the Lord! No wisdom at all. We are condemned to a superficial Christian existence… to bumble along like men of the world…
• FAITH is required—willing, obedient heart of faith! (James 1:5-7) If we are double minded—expect NOTHING from the Lord!


1. God is the Source of wisdom. His mouth is FULL of knowledge and understanding.

2. Who is it that obtains this knowledge and understanding? The person who applies himself… and listens to the words which come from God’s mouth… and reads God’s Word… and obeys… and has an open, obedient, receptive heart! That’s who!

3. Everybody wants knowledge and wisdom and understanding… but not everyone is willing to go to the Source…

a. Are we faithful in reading God’s Word each day?

b. Have we put in an all out effort to learn from God and learn of God?

c. If we come to Him with the right heart attitude, He will give us the wisdom we need. He promises!

d. None that search for Divine wisdom search in vain… not if their heart is right! He sends none away empty handed…
• Except—those who don’t really WANT to learn…
• Except those whose hearts are not yielded…
• Except those whose hearts are not unwilling to obey all things
• Except those who are not diligent and are content with a superficial knowledge of God.

e. But those who come to God hungry, never go away hungry. They are FILLED!

f. But, God knows our hearts and He doesn’t play games.


1. Once again, Solomon states the fact that wisdom is available.

2. God has plenty of it! He lays it up … like a treasure! Heaped up… piled up!

3. Layeth up = to hide away; to be hidden; to treasure up;

a. The point is that this wisdom and knowledge is precious to God.

b. He hides it away so that it is not taken by those who will not value it.

c. God doesn’t want just anybody getting a hold of these precious pearls. It would like a pig trampling over precious pearls.

d. God hides these pearls away for a select few…

4. It is hidden away, BUT—it is hidden away FOR the righteous!

a. God hides it away, but not so that He can keep it all to Himself.

b. He hides it FROM those who will not appreciate it.

c. He hides it FOR those who do.

d. It is stored away in a safe place… and is there any time the righteous need it!

e. It is as if God has deposited it in a bank for those with an upright, righteous heart. We can draw on that account any time we want to!

5. This kind of wisdom is available for the righteous.

a. Righteous: straight, upright, correct, right; straight, level; pleasing, correct… (those walking the straight and narrow road!)

b. This speaks of those whose lives are righteous… upright…

c. This is one more prerequisite for obtaining wisdom. God requires a righteous life!

d. Jesus warned us not to even bother casting our pearls before swine. They will not appreciate them. (Matt. 7:6)

e. Pearls of wisdom are not for those who place no value on them. They are for those who are righteous… the godly… those who live for God.

f. Why should God give wisdom to those who are unrighteous? He has no such obligation!

g. Why should God give further guidance and direction to the life of one who has not been following previous directions?

h. Many folks come to God half heartedly… with one foot in the world and one foot in the heavenlies… they want a superficial relationship to God… and with lackluster effort, search for wisdom… but never find it. (Some have the nerve to complain that it is too complicated!)

i. God is no fool. God is not mocked.

j. Those whose lives are upright and righteous—whose hearts are hungry and diligent RECEIVE knowledge and understanding.

k. All others receive confusion and darkness. (Matt. 13:12-15)
• WHY were so many unable to understand?
• Because their heart is waxed gross! Not a matter of the head! (vs.15a)
• They closed their eyes… because what little they did understand made them accountable… and they closed their eyes and hearts to it… and the result is ignorance and blindness.
• The same principle holds true for believers when it comes to obtaining wisdom. Some believers do. Some do not.

6. Thus, Solomon lets his son know that if he wants to know wisdom… he needs to know God. God is the Source of it all!

a. Col. 2:3 – In Him are hidden all the treasures of wisdom!

b. If we want wisdom to be manifested in our lives, we should seek to know God more and more.

c. And if we are going to know God, we must know His Word. Let it fill your heart and mind. Allow your mind to become saturated by it.

d. As we know Him and fear Him… and become more and more conscious of Him and His presence—THEN wisdom will be manifested in our lives… in the decisions we make… the direction our life takes…

e. Prov. 1:7 – There are two kinds of men. Those who (1) are moved with fear, and thus have true knowledge… and (2) despise wisdom and instruction.

f. To have divine wisdom you don’t need a big brain. But you DO need a tender heart—one that fears God; one that is willing to receive truth; one that is willing to obey truth; a heart that is hungry for truth.


1. God is a buckler—a shield…

a. The point is that God protects His children who walk uprightly.

b. How does God protect us according to this context?
* Divine wisdom!

8He keepeth the paths of judgment, and preserveth the way of his saints.

9Then shalt thou understand righteousness, and judgment, and equity; yea, every good path.