Proverbs 3:1-2

My Son, Forget Not My Law


1. “My son…”

a. He begins with words of affection and love—for his own son.

b. The message is an exhortation given out of love. It is not a scolding or a rebuke, but an exhortation.

c. Others may neglect these words, but he wants his own son never to forget them!

d. In fact, one of the strongest motivations to remember these laws, is the family tie… they came from dad…

e. Nobody wants this son to succeed in life and do well more than the dad!

f. Ex: A car salesman may give you advice on selecting a car. That advice may not be coming from the purest of motives. He may or may not have your best interest in mind. BUT—when the advice comes from your father—his motives are pure. He wants the best for you!

2. “My law…”

a. The law here refers to the counsel, advice, and commandments this father (Solomon) gave to his son.

b. No doubt, Solomon spent many hours with his sons teaching them truth… teaching them the Scriptures… passing on lessons he learned from life… and from his mistakes…

c. The section almost sounds like the words of a father to his older son as that son is about to strike out on his own…

d. By way of application, we should note that the wisdom Solomon passes on to his son here is MORE than just fatherly advice—in the Bible it becomes divinely inspired fatherly advice!

e. Thus, we could apply Solomon’s words concerning his laws to his son to GOD’S LAW to us.

3. “Forget not my law…”

a. Forget: to forget, ignore, wither; to cease to care…

b. A young son striking out on his own is going to be tasting freedom… making decisions on his own… no more parental oversight…

c. The father warns him: Don’t forget what I taught you!

d. We too need to be reminded not to forget Gods’ Word!
• Prov. 4:5 – get wisdom—and don’t forget it! We CAN forget!
• Deut. 4:23 – Take heed that you do not forget the covenant of your God! The Jews often forgot!

e. The Psalmist was concerned about forgetting God’s law! Ps.119:93
• We should resolve NOT to forget God’s Law! They are life and revival to our soul!
• cf. 119:16, 109,141, 153,176
• It should be a concern to us too…
• HOW do we prevent forgetting God’s law? Fill our minds with it daily!

f. Prov.31:4-5 – Strong drink causes men to forget the law… and pervert judgment… discernment level decreases.
• Any kind of intoxicant can cause men to forget God’s law…
• Strong drink… drugs… worldliness… materialism… there are a lot of intoxicants out there…
• They all have the same effect—they blur the mind and reduce our level of spiritual discernment—and cause us to forget God’s law. (A good reason to stay away!)

g. That young man or woman NEEDS good training under their belt BEFORE they get to that place of freedom!
• Solomon taught his son… now he says, “Don’t forget it.”
• The fact that he says “Don’t forget what I taught you” implies that he DID teach him! Are we?
• That son is going to need his dad’s wisdom and advice.
• But the important point is to make sure that we as fathers are TRAINING our children… teaching them important lessons about life… teaching them principles from God’s Word…
• The NT gives this responsibility to the FATHERS! (Eph. 6:4)
• Sooner or later those young lives are going to be out on their own, facing the world system with all of its intoxicants designed to cause us to forget spiritual things…
• Solomon was concerned that his son FORGET NOT his law!


1. Keep = guard; observe;—hence,—obey.

2. Note that they are not to be kept in the head—but in the heart!

a. The heart is like the Ark of the Covenant in which the tablets of the law of God were stored and preserved.

b. The heart is the keeping place of God’s Word… or ought to be.

3. Ps.119:11 – thy word have I hid in my heart—that I might not sin!

4. Prov.4:4 – Let thine heart “retain” my words…

a. Retain = to grasp, hold, support, attain, lay hold of, hold fast; seize…

b. Does our heart grasp on to truth… hold it fast? We should!

c. ALL truth… ALL of God’s Word—the blessings and the cursings!

5. Deut.11:18 – lay up these words in your heart…

a. Vs.19 – and teach them to your children!

b. This is what Solomon did. He laid up the word in his own heart. Then, he taught it to his son—and pleaded with him NOT to forget it, but to lay it up in his heart too… treasure it… like laying up a treasure!

6. Throughout Proverbs, the HEART is the main issue. (Prov.4:23)

a. The heart is the first to wander away from the Lord…

b. The body may still be in church… but that is no guarantee that the heart has not wandered away.

c. It is so vital to KEEP the heart… guard it…

d. And how do we guard our heart? Keep it filled with God’s Word!


A.) Length of Days and Long Life

1. Solomon tells his son that there is also a REWARD for keeping the Law… for obedience—a long and happy life!

2. This was considered the highest good to a Jew—a long and happy life. Who could ask for more? (Ps.34:12)

3. Cf. Prov.4: 10 – obey—and the years of your life shall be many!

4. Prov.9: 10-11 – the blessing of fearing the Lord is a long life! (cf. 10:27)

B.) Peace

1. Peace = shalom – has a wide range of applications—just as in English.

a. Shalom is usually translated peace—but it means more. It means something closer to “peace and prosperity… wholeness and health and harmony.”

b. “Shalom” as a saying is similar to the meaning of III John 2.

2. A long miserable life would not be much of a motivation to obey. But a long, happy life of peace sure is!

a. The days of our years are threescore years and ten; and if by reason of strength they be fourscore years, yet is their strength labour and sorrow.

3. Ps.119:165 – those who love thy law have great peace. That makes life worth living!

4. Solomon makes it clear that the reward for obedience is not just the length of life, but the QUALITY of life –peace! Quantity time and quality time!

5. Living a life of obedience—with a pure conscience tends towards a happy, well adjusted, longer, happier life!

a. However, living in disobedience and rebellion—means living with a guilty conscience… and bearing that heavy burden on the soul day by day… God’s heavy hand upon your heart, weighing you down… is an unbearable burden! (Ps.32:3-4) David was miserable! His life was not characterized by SHALOM that year!

b. Cf. Ps.38:1-8 – another miserable point in David’s life!

c. That’s no way to live! Sin destroys the quality of our life…

d. A life of rebellion and disobedience is a life full of guilt, worry, anxiety, fear, despair, depression—and that will take its toll on anyone! It may even shorten your life!

e. Solomon wants something better for his son! God wants something better for me and you too!