Proverbs 9:1-6

Wisdom Hath Builded Her House


1. In chapter nine, Solomon continues the same figure as in the previous chapters.

2. In chapter seven, wisdom is seen looking out her window at the young and foolish men passing by the home of a harlot… making observations about the fool.

3. In chapter eight, wisdom is seen crying out in the high places for men to listen to her.

4. In chapter nine, wisdom is likened to a prudent woman who invites us into her house to feast at her table.

5. Solomon employs several different poetic images to communicate the fact that God wants US to follow the way of wisdom and to avoid the folly of sin.

Wisdom Has Built A House…

1. A house is:

a. A place of refuge and shelter from the storm.

b. A place of safety from the evil.

c. A place of rest and comfort.

d. A place of dwelling… and be at home.

2. Wisdom invites us to her house.

a. Wisdom offers us refuge from the storms of life.
• I know people who have not followed the way of wisdom, and they are being beaten down by the storms of life!
• Some Christian folks have not done a good job in bringing their children up in the things of the Lord—and are now being beaten down by the storminess of their own creation!
• Some Christian folks have not applied wisdom to their marriage and are going through some very stormy times as a result.
• Some Christian folks have not applied wisdom to their use of money, and are experiencing stormy waters as a result.
• Yet, wisdom invites each one into her house for refuge! Apply that wisdom to child rearing… to marriage… to money… and to 1001 other areas of life and you too will experience a refuge while others may be experiencing a storm!

b. Wisdom offers safety from evil.
• Out in the highways of life men are living in sin… and believers get drawn into that lifestyle too… slowly… gradually…
• Believers can become ensnared and trapped by sin…
• It is our nature to flirt with sin… to skate on thin ice…
• Wisdom offers us safety from all kinds of evil and calamity when we come into her house. We are truly safe there.
• Wisdom tells us to err on the side of safety and NOT to skate on thin ice.
• Ex: Rom. 13:14 – make no provision for the flesh; (stay away from anything that might stir up the flesh!)
• Ex: Rom. 14:23 – avoid anything that cannot be done without a pure conscience… avoid anything questionable. That’s the safe way!
• Folly says, “It’s fun on the thin ice! You don’t know what you’re missing!”

c. Wisdom offers rest and comfort.
• I don’t worry about becoming an alcoholic; or coming down with aids; or getting hooked on drugs. Other people do, but I don’t.
• If you follow the way of wisdom, you are safe in her house!
• Following the way of wisdom brings rest and comfort to the heart… to all who come into her house.

d. Wisdom offers us a house… a place in which to dwell…
• Wisdom isn’t something that we need in a pinch. It ought to be where we dwell… where we live… everyday life, not just when tragedy strikes or a big decision needs to be made.
• A house is a dwelling. God’s wisdom is inviting us all into His house of wisdom… to dwell there… and to feast there.

3. Wisdom’s house has seven pillars…

a. In other words, it is a STRONG house!

b. Upon entering this house, you don’t have to worry about the roof caving in. It is strong. Wisdom is built on a strong, solid foundation—and it is held up by seven (a perfect #) of stone pillars.

c. Wisdom’s house is like a temple… strong; beautiful; safe; a sanctuary.

d. Wisdom’s house has SEVEN pillars.
• While some go overboard in the area of numerology in the Bible, I do believe that the number 7 is significant… and seems to be used as a number of completion.
• That being the case, then the wisdom offered here is COMPLETE… this is all the wisdom we will ever need!
• II Pet. 1:3 – all things pertaining to life and godliness.
• Wisdom’s house is both sturdy and complete.

e. A house with 7 pillars is quite a substantial house… no small shanty! This is a grand old mansion!

Wisdom Has Furnished Her Table… (V. 2)

1. This is a grand old mansion… and an opulent feast has been spread out!

2. The table is furnished… the fatted calf has been killed… wine has been mingled (mixed with water)…

3. The feast is ready! She has provided everything her guests could ever want!

4. This is a figurative way of saying that the wisdom God offers will satisfy our souls… meet our every need… strengthen us in the inner man… keep us strong and healthy spiritually…

5. God hasn’t provided for us just a few nuggets or tid-bits here and there. He has furnished His table—a feast!

6. Jas. 1:5 – ask for wisdom, and God gives it liberally! Generously! Lavishly!

7. The picture is of a great feast at a grand house. The table is set… and there is a seat reserved for you! For each one of us… and the lady of the house WANTS us to come.

Wisdom Has Sent Out Maidens to Bid Us to the Feast… (V. 3-5)

1. Wisdom is going to wait for us to come on our own. She sends out her maidens/servants to beseech us to come.

a. This implies that there is some reluctance on our part TO come and feast on God’s wisdom.

b. One would think that we would all want to come to such a feast. God knows that we need to be dragged in by our ears!

c. She is crying in the high places of the city… from the walls and towers… she WANTS to be heard. (8:1-4)

2. vs. 4 – The maidens are inviting the simple (inexperienced) and those who lack understanding (ignorant).

a. Aren’t we all lacking in understanding in one area or another? Aren’t we all inexperienced in one realm of the Christian walk or another? Don’t we all need to respond to the call of wisdom?

b. You know what area of your life needs some godly wisdom applied. Don’t put it off. Respond in faith and obedience.

3. v. 5 – The invitation.

a. How simple! “Come, eat, drink.”

b. What we are asked to do isn’t difficult. Go in the house, eat, and drink. You can do that. So can I. But WILL we?!

c. There are no prerequisites; entrance fees or entrance exams; no waiting in line; no forms to fill out; just come as you are—and feast!

d. Those who come are invited to eat her bread and drink of her wine.
• These are the elements of communion… though not yet revealed.
• God invites men to come and dwell in his house of wisdom… take it in… eat and drink it… make it yours… fellowship and commune with Him through His Word.

e. Of course, we do this through His Word.
• This is figurative language, but it is designed to teach real truth.
• God is offering to each one of us a FEAST… and it is found in His Word.
• Steak and potatoes are available to us every day… just what our hungry soul needs!
• Isa. 55:1-3 – God wants us to eat that which is GOOD… namely, His truth… His wisdom.
• Job 23:12 – I have esteemed the words of his mouth more than my necessary food. Job considered the food for his soul more important than the food for his body.

4. Opposition to the invitation. (v.6)

a. Lady Wisdom sent her servants out to drag us to her feast.
• The maidens beseech the young man to forsake folly…to foresee the evil that lies ahead on that road. (Prov. 22:3)
• The simple NEED to be warned and dragged into the house, because the simple are easily deceived. (Prov. 14:15)

b. However, our foolish friends are latching on to us to keep us walking in their ways.

c. The picture is of a young man being torn between the two… wisdom and folly.

d. In order to go in the way of understanding, he has to forsake the foolish.
• That implies that he is presently walking in the way of the foolish—since he is told to forsake it.

e. Once, again, the choice is ours. There are two ways to follow in life; the way of wisdom and the way of folly. You can’t straddle both roads; you can’t have the best of both worlds; it’s one or the other. You can’t have two masters…

f. God beseeches us here to FORSAKE the way of folly and come into His house of wine… a strong, safe, secure, house of comfort, refuge, that is complete… has all we need…
• Is there something in your life that needs to be forsaken… left behind?
• Perhaps the Lord has been convicting you about a habit… a time waster… a money waster… a foolish pursuit… a besetting sin… that needs to be forsaken…
g. We are invited to COME to a FEAST… a fantastic feast… one that is furnished with all we need… one that will feed and satisfy our souls…

h.) When we leave all our foolish friends behind and all the revelry, we will not be lacking.
• We will have new friends in the house of wisdom…
• Our soul will not lack for any good thing!
• The world knows nothing of this kind of feast… spiritual communion… the bread and wine in the house of God’s wisdom…
• But ALL are invited in…